Overview Edit

The White Pumpkin Trophy is a customised player head that was awarded to players after they entered the mansion in the Halloween Event of 2016.

Design Edit

It resembles a pumpkin with a satanic grin, as designed by DragonEye3k, but some say it looks like a skull as well.

2017-01-02 10.29.51

Effect Edit

When worn, The White Pumpkin Trophy summons orange tabby cats renamed "Winslow", a reference to the White Pumpkin's pet cat in Minecraft Story Mode. These cats will appear if there is a creeper nearby the player, which is useful for keeping away creepers. One cat will be summoned for each creeper near the player, and will only happen for one player at a time. These cats will be killed after a short time, cannot be tamed or bred, and run from the player (presumably with the AI of an untamed ocelot). Renaming the cats does not prevent their untimely deaths, most likely due to a data tag.


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