This fun module is a perfect addition to any technical builder's world! It gives Minecarts the ability to travel vertically, up ladders. Placing ladders against gold blocks will launch minecarts into the air, like a powered rail! You can also place ladders against droppers to create detector rails that give out a redstone signal when a minecart goes past!

Details Edit

Ever wanted to easily and compactly travel upwards using minecarts? Well now you can with the vertical rails module! Just place ladders opposite a rail (see images below) and the minecart will travel up it! On top of that, you can create booster rails and detector vertical rails.

To create booster rails, place the ladder on a gold block, and when the minecart reaches the end it will launch 2-3 blocks into the sky. Combined with slime blocks, some pretty cool contraptions can be made with these! If you place them against a dropper and then place a comparator facing outwards from that, a redstone output will be made when the minecart travels over it!

Gallery Edit

Resource Pack Edit

Made By: SibSib123

This resource pack adds another depth to your vertical rails world, adding 3D rails and turning ladders into rails as well!

See More Edit

Watch youtube 2 Website

History Edit

Date Change
22 Jan 2015 Released Vertical Rails

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