Howdey folks! SugCube writing, 

I've been up to creating lots of stuff on here the past (almost) 2 weeks: modules, images and even a tutorial all for you guys and gals <3. Plus, I've been awarded the 3.000th edit of the wiki #prawd :) (silly enough not for the tutorial I've been editing on for ages, but a simple image to gallery conversion. Life Is Strange...)


I've made 8 modules/contraptions the past weeks and I've submitted a few of them to Gamemode 4. These modules are Aging Animals, the Bushes Module and the Wonderous Water Collection (technically 3 modules...). Check them out if you haven't, enjoy them if you want to and any feedback/ideas are greatly appreciated. All other modules can be found on my website ( ).


The wiki is (at least I assume) supposed to document everything there is to know about Gamemode 4. This includes the link with the development of modules or contraptions. In the Custom Crafting Module Creation tutorial, I'll take you though the steps and thoughts of making an extension module of the Custom Crafting base module. This is a fully imaged and example based written version of Sparks's video about it.



- Caney

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