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Tau \tau

TL;DR Today it's intnernational Tau-day. The day for people who think one Pi is not enough. For those who don't know: tau is about 6.283185307179586 (yes. that's two times pi! more pi for the same amount of letters!) and should have been the circle constant that everybody uses for everything. Much nicer. One cirle being 1 tau instead of 2 pi. Half a circle being a half tau instead of 1 pi. It is so much nicer to use tau instead of pi! Bake yourself 2 pies and enjoy life!

And I hear you all yelling: "Why would you fudge up Euler's Identity, ya filthy scumbag!". But no. You're absolutely wrong. The almighty identity of Euler's:


Where e is Euler's constant (~2.71828), i is the imaginary unit (i^2=-1) and \pi is your all beloved circle constant (~3.14159265358). What's so special about this formula? Well. All the weird*** looking symbols in this weird formula (plus one!) equal zero. You've got the 5 most 'important' numbers in the mathematics in one elegant formula.

But what does this mean for tau? Well, glad you ask! This is Euler's identity written with tau instead of pi:


Yes. e to the power of i times \tau equals unity. How beautiful is this? Oh. You miss the naught? Well, let's have a look at the formula from another perspective:


Better? You think it's cheaty? Well. It is actually the same thing as in the original formula. But why can you say this? Well. There is a nifty rule that tells you this:

e^{i\theta}=cos(\theta)+i\cdot sin(\theta)

So, why not filling in tau as theta (\theta):

e^{i\tau}=cos(\tau)+i\cdot sin(\tau)

Because tau is a complete round, cos(\tau)=1 and sin(\tau)=0.

e^{i\tau}=1+i\cdot 0

And that gives you:


Enjoy tau day :)

- Sugar

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