Hello everyone, Caney here! And welcome to yet another blog post.

Half an hour ago, something special happened... I finally got the guts to get out a YouTube video featuring nothing other than my voice. Welp... I've worked quite some hours to produce those 5 minutes of footage so hopefully you'll enjoy it! Please like it, and SHARE it with everyone you know. In the end, shares are what count.

It's about my Bathroom Module (combination of Hot Tubs and Showers). Just check it out if you haven't already, that would really make my day :) I'm planning on making one about the other modules I made as well, starring Advanced Furnaces next week. So if you want moar, you'll get moar <3

Here she is, enjoy!

SHOWERS & HOT TUBS in Vanilla Minecraft 105:55

SHOWERS & HOT TUBS in Vanilla Minecraft 1.9 Bathroom Module-0

- Caney

Edit: I just noticed that the video gets ranked quite high in the search results!!! Try searching it on Google Serach and YouTube. You won't have to scroll through the pages :) TRY IT! Hihi :3

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