Important: This module hasn't been yet created, I'd just love to hear your feedback! <3 Moved to a blog due to some errors on the forum


I'm pretty sure most of you are familiar with the mod. For those who aren't, here is a quick summary:

Lucky Block Mod is a Minecraft mod created by PlayerInDistress. When a player crafts a Lucky Block and breaks it, something will happen. That can be either good or bad.

My Version

So, the version of Lucky Blocks I'm currently working on is very similar. Using a Custom Crafter and a recipe based on a pack, you'll create a Lucky Block. It is a custom player head textured similarly to the block. Whenever you throw one of these on the ground, they activate and create something, depending on your luck.

How It Will Work

The module will be separated into two parts - the base and the expansions.

The Base

The base of the module adds the two scoreboards - GM4_lbRandom and GM4_lbType. The GM4_lbRandom scoreboard acts like a randomizer - it can be used to randomize up to 100 drops from the block. Every player has their own score, so if two players open a block at the same time, they won't get the same drop. It runs on a hyperclock (repeating_command_block one). On the other hand, GM4_lbType is used to identify a block from a certain pack. So far, three packs are planned - a Standard one (1), a Mysterious one (2) and a Mod Head one for PSII (3).

The Packs

As mentioned before, there are going to be expansion packs, similarly to the Custom Crafting. Players will be able to create their own packs if they want to. These can be run on a FallingSand clock.

The Standard Lucky Block pack adds 100 drops, most of which are safe. It has a 50% chance of creating somthing good, 50% chance of creating something not so good and a 5% chance of creating something which could kill you (counts as a bad drop).

The Mysterious Lucky Block pack adds 10 very good drops and 10 very deadly drops, so ach drop has a 5% chance of activating. They are textured similarly to the January 2016 Patreon Trophy, having a white question mark on a diagonal rainbow.

The last pack I am working on is The Mod Head Pack. It has a 16% chance of creating a CM/M/A head from the Public Server and a 17% chance to create a Skull Error, a special type of skull. I'm not sure on the crafting recipe.

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