Me and my friends have been recently playing with some mods, one of them being the famous Tinkers' Construct. Because I'm not an expert with mods, I looked for tutorials on the internet. Guess what! They have a wiki! So, yeah, I compared it with the Gamemode 4 Wiki.


Category TiC Wiki GM4 Wiki
Articles* 245 152
Top 1 (Points)** 990 2050
Top 1 (Edits) 665 2416 and 3578
Top 1 (Article Edits) 250+ 822 and 1000+
Top 1 (Pictures Added) 100+ 310 and 100+
Article Readability*** Meh... Pretty Good
  • They've got an article for every single item. Imagine us having that! (*)
  • As far as I can tell, many more people frequently edit the wiki than here.(**)
  • They have a category "Articles Needing Cleanup", with 94 articles tagged. We don't need that! (***)

So, yeah. The fact that they've got 90 more articles with content "Crafting Recipe and Use In Crafting Recipes" proves, that these guys are going for quantity over quality.

-Sei <3

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