Here it is! Another Gamemode 4 Wiki vs. Minecraft Mod Wiki. This time I'll be comparing our wiki with the Orespawn one.

Orespawn is a mod which adds some monsters, mobs, bosses, weapons, etc. While this may sound great, I don't really like the mod itself because of obvious reasons I'm not gonna mention here.

Anyway, that's all to the mod, let's compare the wikis.


Category Os Wiki GM4 Wiki
Articles 107 152
Top 1 (Points) 580 2150
Top 1 (Edits) 215 2400+ and 3500+
Top 1 (Article Edits) 100+ 800+ and 1000+
Top 1 (Pictures Added) 100+ 300+ and 100+
Article Readability Horrible Pretty Good

So, remember when I said that the readability of articles on TiC Wiki wasn't good? Yea, I take that back. Compared to Orespawn wikia's articles, those seemed professional.

The wiki features 107 pages, however most of them are on content added in newer versions of the mod, rather than the classic mobs or weapons. They don't use hyperlinks. The comment section is full of trolls which post stuff that does not have to do anything with the page and/or it's content.

Seriously, you learn more about the stuff from the official page than the wiki. What's the point of it then?

-Sei <3

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