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  • Seikatsu7

    Messing Around With Code

    February 25, 2016 by Seikatsu7

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  • Seikatsu7

    Here it is! Another Gamemode 4 Wiki vs. Minecraft Mod Wiki. This time I'll be comparing our wiki with the Orespawn one.

    Orespawn is a mod which adds some monsters, mobs, bosses, weapons, etc. While this may sound great, I don't really like the mod itself because of obvious reasons I'm not gonna mention here.

    Anyway, that's all to the mod, let's compare the wikis.

    Category Os Wiki GM4 Wiki
    Articles 107 152
    Top 1 (Points) 580 2150
    Top 1 (Edits) 215 2400+ and 3500+
    Top 1 (Article Edits) 100+ 800+ and 1000+
    Top 1 (Pictures Added) 100+ 300+ and 100+
    Article Readability Horrible Pretty Good

    So, remember when I said that the readability of articles on TiC Wiki wasn't good? Yea, I take that back. Compared to Orespawn wikia's articles, those seemed professio…

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  • Seikatsu7

    Me and my friends have been recently playing with some mods, one of them being the famous Tinkers' Construct. Because I'm not an expert with mods, I looked for tutorials on the internet. Guess what! They have a wiki! So, yeah, I compared it with the Gamemode 4 Wiki.

    Category TiC Wiki GM4 Wiki
    Articles* 245 152
    Top 1 (Points)** 990 2050
    Top 1 (Edits) 665 2416 and 3578
    Top 1 (Article Edits) 250+ 822 and 1000+
    Top 1 (Pictures Added) 100+ 310 and 100+
    Article Readability*** Meh... Pretty Good
    • They've got an article for every single item. Imagine us having that! (*)
    • As far as I can tell, many more people frequently edit the wiki than here.(**)
    • They have a category "Articles Needing Cleanup", with 94 articles tagged. We don't need that! (***)

    So, yeah. The…

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  • Seikatsu7

    I Changed My Avatar!

    February 13, 2016 by Seikatsu7

    So, as you may have noticed, I have changed my avatar. Which one do you like more?

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  • Seikatsu7

    Lucky Blocks

    January 26, 2016 by Seikatsu7

    Important: This module hasn't been yet created, I'd just love to hear your feedback! <3 Moved to a blog due to some errors on the forum

    I'm pretty sure most of you are familiar with the mod. For those who aren't, here is a quick summary:

    Lucky Block Mod is a Minecraft mod created by PlayerInDistress. When a player crafts a Lucky Block and breaks it, something will happen. That can be either good or bad.

    So, the version of Lucky Blocks I'm currently working on is very similar. Using a Custom Crafter and a recipe based on a pack, you'll create a Lucky Block. It is a custom player head textured similarly to the block. Whenever you throw one of these on the ground, they activate and create something, depending on your luck.

    The module will be separ…

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