Welcome back to another blogpost of me! I know it's a while ago since I did one but this time it will not be about me (ok a little) but about every GM4 person!

What is the meaning of this blogpost?

So, you are probably asking what I want to tell you all in this blogpost. It's very simple, I want to make a "ladder of important people" and wich questions they will be able to answer. This will make it easier for them and for you when you have a question!

All the people

Name What does he/she do? Wich Questions can I ask him/her? Matter of importantsy
Sparks The GM4 Inventor Everything about GM4

Very Important

Crazyman47 Sparks' Companion

Everything, but don't espect

smart/usefull answers...

Very important
The patchwork lounge

A group of close (youtube) friends from Accidental games

like Jonpot (twitter ),...

EVERYTHING!!! (Ok maybe not everything but...) Very Important
SpiderRobotMan The GM4 server adminstrator Everything about the server Very Important
EvilPenguinJ2 The GM4 wiki admin Everything about the wiki Very Important
All the moderators Laerite (twitter ), MajicMan ,...

Everything about the sever. From

griefing to things about modules

All Community moderators DuckJr , Alabrecque ...

Everything about the sever. From 

griefing to things about modules

Kinda Important
Sugarcaney The GM4 (forum)moderator Everything about the wiki Important
All active wikia members Kroppeb , Seikatsu7, magierpichu ,...

Everything about the wiki, from page

editing to things about modules

Kinda Important
The Community EVERYONE that ever used GM4

EVERYTHING! Just put a question in the

chat and someone will know the answer!

The Most Important

[http://] Means twitter, otherwise it's to the wikia account.


So that's the ending of my list of important people! I think we can all be happy that we have such a friendly and non toxic communtity, so be proud on yourself!


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