​Hello everybody to my first blog post! In this blog post i will talk about the things i have made/will make. So lets crack straight into it!

Things I have made

I have made some things already that could be added to gamemode 4 and i will also give my most chance one. Also the list is numbered in a chronological way (i don't know if that word is right i speak dutch normally you know) so what i first made comes first.

  1. The more weapons relaint module.
  2. Special potions (never finissed this module, maybe if someone ask it).
  3. Special weather conditions and thirst (v1) and my video of it (to big and bulky to place it in the post)
  4. Thirst v2(.1) (my personal favourite and most chance to getting in gamemode 4, i think) and m video of it (it's only v2 not v2.1).

That are al my currently (semi)made modules. I hope you check them out if you want to :)

Things i maybe will make

This are the things i'm planning to (maybe) make. Please put in the comments what your most favourite idea is or what you want that i make :)

  1. Linked chests: You can put everything in the input minecart chest (with a hopper) and it will be transported to the output chest. I want to make it colorcoded with 48 differint posebility's. You will be able to have more inputs but only one output.
  2. Heat/grades (in °c): This will give a hole new experiens in minecraft because you will need to time when you go and how you will walk to keep you cold/warm and keep going. I will try to make it compatible with the thirst module (more thirst in cold/warm places) and with the Seasons module.
  3. Seasons module: Just camed in my head when i was writing this. Maybe with higher growrate in summer and slower in winter and also more chance of bad crops when it is harvested in the bad time. Also maybe 5 days (minecraft days) par season? Please give feedback for this module
  4. The Survival pack: Just the combinement of Thirst, Heat and Seasons.

So if you have a cool idea for making one above better or just a new one put it in the comments!

Some things you could find usefull

My youtube channel:

My page:

Some foto's of the made modules:

And now it's to you!

If you injoyed this blog please place something in the comments or maybe even make something by yourown! Anyway, thanks for reading and i will see you al later. Byebye,


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