This is a blog where i will show you how i want to make my MFW module in (1.9). Feedback is apriciated!!!

More weapon attacks

In 1.9 the tools are revamped to make pvp more skilled. The sword and axe got also a special attack but the other weapons not so i will change that!

The hoe

The hoe does think of a scythe so he will have a slice attack similar to a katana. You will be able to do this attack when the hoe is fully recarged agian and when a little pinalty is over (otherwise it would be op)

The shovel

The shovel will be able to launch mobs in the sky (levitation) when fully recharged. It will work with small groups. (the four closesd to the hitted enemy).

The pickaxe

This will allow you to do a series of hits very fast (haste) when you wait very long (like 15 sec?). This means that it's great for starting mining or mining very fast when finding diamonds in caves. It's also handy to kill people right in the start of a battle but after that it's pretty bad.

Weapon wieght

This will add wieght to diamond, iron and gold weapons when weighted armour is installed. Wood and stone will not give anything.

Double weilding the same weapon

If you have the same weapon in your off- and meanhand you will get a speed boost that will halve the time for your attack. It will not work for pickaxes.


Thanks for reading this blog and if you have suggestions or want to show some love leave a comment below!


PS. This is not a suggestion! I will make it when i'm back from holidays (thursday)!

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