Hi Everybody, If you read the title you Will know that i'm On holidays from 10 to 28.

With that out of the way, I have a nice idea for a module (why do I get ideas when I can't make them??). I find that vanilla mc always missen something: magic. Yes we have enchanted books but that's really it. We also don't have Any modules that really have magic, yes we have zaubercauldrons, but that's more like alchemy, especcially with Sugarcaney's powerjuices and "turn everything in a splash potion" thingy.

That's why I think it would be nice to have a real magic module.

So this is my idea: we use experience as mana (because that was always the reason) and use or special enchanted books, or "staffs" (hoes) with melding so they use mana to charge and use the 3 Lore lines for special ability's. If we use THE second idea I would use the lores so:

1: Some General info about that staf (like battle mage, support mage, defence mage, ...) 2: a light spell, one that Gets activated everytime when you hit something. 3: a heavy spell, one that uses a lot of xp, but can be very powerfull. It would be need to make it activate with the hoe button, but I don't know if it's possible.

Of cours, we can also use them together, to have a full vanilla like magic experience!

Now you probably ask, why are you saying ALL these things? It's very simple: I NEED YOUR HELP! Think about speels, lores, stuff to make it work. AND I need a name FOR this module :)

Thanks for reading and have a nice day! -magierpichu

PS. This was written on an IPad, so sorry for the autocorrect (like capitalizing small words).

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