So.... Welkom (back) to a new blog post off me (magierpichu) where i show you all the things i did/do make and moar!!!

My Things I'm working on #1

Check out this link if you didn't see my first blog post!

My things i have made #2

Whell.... this month wasn't such much as the other time... But kwality above quantity i think?

  1. linked chests: (hi psst... i like this one even more! (simpler etc...)
  2. comunity chest (linked chest that the whole community can call)
  3. And my personal favourite one off the whole pack...... The JetBoots!!! (Needs mc 1.9)

Things i maybe will make #2

This list removes the list from the first time!

  1. A "Mojang Boots expansion pack" That adds three more "JetBoots" to the JetBoots module.
  2. More off those jetboots expansion packs. Say if you have an idea!
  3. The GemCaves. Momentually finished but have probs with the spawning. the 1-click:
  4. Say if you have an idea! Or maybe make it yourself!

Some things you could find usefull

My youtube channel:

My wikia page:

Some foto's off some off the modules. 

I'm going on vacation!

You read it right! I'm going to be away for 2 weeks from 12 august to 27 august. But i will try to show my comments (lol) every day if there's wifi! So don't feel lonely because magierpichu is watching you!

And now it's to you!

If you injoyed this blog please place something in the comments or maybe even make something by yourown! Anyways, thanks for reading and i will see you all later. Byebye,


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