Welkom to another blog post of me, magierpichu! In this blog i want to tell something about what i want to do on the GM4 Server II that will be reopened on 12 september. So lets crack on!

Our town

Yeah, we will setup a town from us. And if you didn't guessed it already it will probably be named pigtown, but if you have a better idea say it in the comments!


I (and my friend superpigletboy) Want to make some need builds that will enjoy people from the whole server and that will sometimes even help them!

The GM4 Library

I want to make a GM4 library with info about all the modules so that you just can read a book when you don't understand it!

Theme Park

Why not? Anyone did like to ride a rollercoaster? Want a commandblock feel so there will be much pixelarts of them but don't know the name yet! Tell me in the comments!


It's something i and superpigletboy did already do on a other server. This time we want to make it more fair and not to pricey! Also i want to add atleast a roulette!


Yeah.... I want to prank sparks so if you know where he lives (on the server) please tell me! Have an awsome idea...

And many other things...


Want to see all this things "live" or in my perspective? Subscribe to TheTnTPigs now! I will try to do weekle videos starting from 12 september!


Thank you for reading this blogpost and if you have any ideas for something cool please tell me in de comments!



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