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  • I live in Belgium
  • I was born on January 13
  • I am male
  • Magierpichu

    Hi Everybody, If you read the title you Will know that i'm On holidays from 10 to 28.

    With that out of the way, I have a nice idea for a module (why do I get ideas when I can't make them??). I find that vanilla mc always missen something: magic. Yes we have enchanted books but that's really it. We also don't have Any modules that really have magic, yes we have zaubercauldrons, but that's more like alchemy, especcially with Sugarcaney's powerjuices and "turn everything in a splash potion" thingy.

    That's why I think it would be nice to have a real magic module.

    So this is my idea: we use experience as mana (because that was always the reason) and use or special enchanted books, or "staffs" (hoes) with melding so they use mana to charge and use …

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  • Magierpichu

    I'm on holidays

    April 4, 2016 by Magierpichu

    Hi everybody,

    Right now I'm on holiday untill saturday so I will not be online that much. I hope I can get some free wifi on the go but it will still not be much... I still have plans for more modules so stay tuned!


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  • Magierpichu

    • 2:36Magierpichuyou are al talking to fast... can't read everthing in time
    • 2:36Mikeaap1Helloo
    • Belgian boy
    • 2:36Magierpichu
    • 2:37Mikeaap1Be HAPPY !
    • 2:37MagierpichuI'm not the only one, Krop is from Antwerpen
    • (don't know the english name though...)
    • 2:37MrSugarCaneyThe Belgian Bastards
    • 2:37Mikeaap1there is no english name for that
    • 2:38MrSugarCaneyAntwerp
    • 2:38Mikeaap1Maastricht
    • whats english name for that
    • 2:38MagierpichuBrugge!
    • 2:38MrSugarCaneyI think it has
    • 2:38Mikeaap1Roermond
    • 2:38Seikatsu7For some reason I thought Antwerp was in Netherlands
    • 2:39MrSugarCaneyYou silly haha
    • 2:39Mikeaap1nicely done Seikatsu
    • 2:39Seikatsu7Let me ask you this
    • 2:39Mikeaap1ask
    • 2:39Seikatsu7Without opening wikipedia, locate Kosice
    • 2:39MrSugarCaneyMaastricht indeed just Maastricht
    • 2:40Mikeaap…

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  • Magierpichu

    Welcome back to another blogpost of me! I know it's a while ago since I did one but this time it will not be about me (ok a little) but about every GM4 person!

    So, you are probably asking what I want to tell you all in this blogpost. It's very simple, I want to make a "ladder of important people" and wich questions they will be able to answer. This will make it easier for them and for you when you have a question!

    Name What does he/she do? Wich Questions can I ask him/her? Matter of importantsy
    Sparks The GM4 Inventor Everything about GM4

    Very Important

    Crazyman47 Sparks' Companion

    Everything, but don't espect

    smart/usefull answers...

    Very important
    The patchwork lounge

    A group of close (youtube) friends from Accidental games

    like Jonpot (twitter ),... …

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  • Magierpichu

    GM4 Server plans

    September 8, 2015 by Magierpichu

    Welkom to another blog post of me, magierpichu! In this blog i want to tell something about what i want to do on the GM4 Server II that will be reopened on 12 september. So lets crack on!

    Yeah, we will setup a town from us. And if you didn't guessed it already it will probably be named pigtown, but if you have a better idea say it in the comments!

    I (and my friend superpigletboy) Want to make some need builds that will enjoy people from the whole server and that will sometimes even help them!

    I want to make a GM4 library with info about all the modules so that you just can read a book when you don't understand it!

    Why not? Anyone did like to ride a rollercoaster? Want a commandblock feel so there will be much pixelarts of them but don't know t…

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