M.R.A. Mine Runners Arsenal

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Module Info Module Info
Lag Level: 1/5
Made By: Littleman9mew2
Game Standard: ?/5
Module Dimensions: ?
Required Modules: Custom Crafting
Compatible Modules: ?

This is a module that I've been working on, but after an incident with my computer and the loss of my worlds, I almost gave up on the idea, but not this time! I am proud to present something that will change the meaning of the "Combat Update"! Mine Runners Arsenal! This module will add about 4 weapons per tier type, with fast daggers to heavy damage claymores, the MRA module will add to the old boring sword and axe to a new type of weapon!

The module would require the player to create the Mine Runner Crafter, which is just a simple anvil inside a custom crafter, and the top would change to an anvil. If the player want to remove it, it would give the player an anvil when breaking the crafter. Most weapons in the game are craftable with the additional resources of that weapon. Most weapons would have to recipes: one that would have the original weapon (IE Diamond Sword) and a few additional items to make it a new weapon (Like an extra diamond for a claymore for example), and the other method is to craft it without having to make the base tool. These would have slight alterations to recipes in order to make them (Like a stick and a stack of 2 diamonds and another diamond for the claymore)

(Note: The speed times may not be 100% accurate and damage values are to change during development!)

To do:

  • Add Remaining Tools
  • Add Crafting recipes when C.C. is released
  • Add Lagi's Wing's special ability
  • Add Alternate Armors
  • Add Alternate Misc tools/weapons (IE bows/shears/fishing rods,etc)
  • Loot tables?

The amount of weapons

Now in Minecraft there are five tiers of weapons, those are Diamond, Gold, Iron, Stone and Wood. With each tier, there's also five tools: Sword, Axe, Pickaxe, Shovel and Hoe. Those make a total of twenty five different tools of those types! (Not accounting fishing rods/shears/etc) Now I was planning a total of 3 other subtypes of weapons PER tier (This will be 4 in total counting the original weapon), that would make a total of 100 total weapon types! Yowza! That's alot of weapons!

However, due to pickaxes and shovels having nothing much in terms of epicness. These tools most likely wont have many other variations.

Loot Tables

With the release of the 1.9 Loot Tables, I was planning to have some mobs have them drop the M.R.A weapons along with their standard loot. Currently, they DON'T replace the regular mob loot table, it's to keep it vanilla and have my module "tag" certain mobs to give them the vanilla table and others the Mine Runners Loot Table.

This is on hold mainly due to the Loot Tables overwriting the vanilla ones, and conflicts with other modules if they happen to do loot tables with certain mobs. However, a loophole around this is to make a mob that's spawned with this loot table built in, such as in Custom Terrain for example. As the spawner spawning the spawned mobs will have the loot table built in and not cause cross-module conflicts.

Ugh, if only there was something like, {DeathLootTable:"TableA",DeathLootTable:"TableB"} so it has a 50% to choose one.... -.- ...if only.... -.-

(A Loot Table Standard?)



Claymore: This is by far the most damaging weapon subtype of them all, the basic wooden claymore would do more damage than a standard diamond sword! Most Claymores would kill mobs in just two strikes! At the cost of the damage, the claymore is a big long blade, making it hard to recover and swing quickly. The swords would have an automatic Unbreaking I added for them since the blade lasts quite a long time.

Attack Damage: Diamond=+12,Iron=+11,Stone=+10,Gold/Wood=(9)

Attack Speed: Diamond=(-90%),Iron=(-90%),Stone=(-92.5%),Gold/Wood=(-92.5%)

Movement Speed: Diamond/Iron=(-30%),Stone=(-25%),Gold=(-20%),Wood=(-15%)

Dagger: The dagger is the least damaging of all the sword subtypes, but it's faster than using your fist alone. This dagger would do very small amounts of damage, but you would get a higher DPS compared to the players fist!

Attack Damage:Diamond=+4,Iron=+4,Stone=+3,Gold/Wood=+2

Attack Speed:Diamond=(+120%),Iron=(+115%),Stone=(+112.5%),Gold/Wood=(+110%)

Katana: You're a ninja! With the katana in hand, the player would recieve a speed boost to make them move faster! (Only in the Mainhand slot!)

Attack Damage:Diamond=+8.5,Iron=+7,Stone=+6,Gold/Wood=+5

Movement Speed:Diamond/Iron/Stone=+25%,Gold/Wood=+15%

Attack Speed:Diamond=-50%,Iron=-55%,Stone=-55%,Gold/Wood=-60%

Longsword: This tool is to be written

TBD: Ditto for this one


TBD: Maybe,


TBD: Yeah same-y here


Lumber Axe: This is an axe mainly for chopping wood, so it would be really fast and light weight, but at the cost of low damage. This Lumber Axe would have an automatic efficiency I added to it.

Attack Damage:Diamond=+6,Iron=+4,Stone=+4,Gold/Wood=+3

Attack Speed:Diamond=(-30%),Iron=(-30%),Stone=(-35%),Gold/Wood=(-40%)

Huntmans Axe: Some hunters like to carry an axe with them to cut up small vermen, usually for food. These axes will have Looting I automatically applied to them.

Attack Damage:Diamond=(+7),Iron/Stone=(+6),Gold/Wood=(+5)

Attack Speed:Diamond/Iron=(-45%),Stone=(-50%),Gold/Wood=(-55%)

Battleaxe: The axe designed for war! This axe, at it's lowest tier deals 9 damage! That's the damage of a regular diamond axe! These are designed for fighting than for chopping!

Attack Damage:Diamond=(+12),Iron=(+11),Stone=(+10),Gold/Wood=(+9)

Attack Speed:Diamond/Iron=(-75%),Stone=(-77.5%),Gold/Wood=(-80%)

Movement Speed:Diamond/Iron=(-20%),Stone=(-17.5%),Gold/Wood=(-15%)


Scythe: The scythe is the most notorious for being the icon of the Grim Reaper, and rightfully so! The scythe would have a knockback I and Unbreaking I added to it for full effect of a scythe. This would wack the enemies away with ease! (Sadly the "Hoe" mechanic cannot be removed, but the scythe fit the hoe the best as it's also used for farming :p)

Attack Damage:Diamond=+4,Iron=+4,Stone=+4,Gold/Wood=+3

Attack Speed:Diamond=(-65%),Iron=(-67.5),Stone=(-70%),Gold/Wood=(-72.5%)

Enchantments: All Materials(Unbreaking I,Knockback I)



Longbow: TBD

Hunter's Bow: TBD

Elytra Wings

Lagi's Wings (Base Version)

+25% Movement Speed (Chest Slot)

Lagi's Wings (Heavy Version)

-50% Movement Speed (Chest Slot),+5 Hearts (Chest Slot)

Lagi's Wings (Glide Version)

+75% Movement Speed (Chest Slot)

The wings would have an ability to make it so if the player crouches while on the ground, they lift right into the air for a boost to start flying!


  • The name of the module is based on the Fallout: New Vegas Addon "Gun Runners' Arsenal", (Often shortened to G.R.A. in game) which added hundreds of new weapons into the game, including modifiers to upgrade the weapons themselves.
  • The module was about 40% percent done until the computer hosting the module had problems, so a reset was needed and in doing so, losing all Minecraft worlds in the process.
  • The "Lagi's Wings" are based from the dragon from "Panzer Dragoon Orta" the main dragon you (Orta) ride throughout the game. (!!!->SPOILERS->!!!)The quote "Wake up...Please wake up!" is what the main character (Orta) says at the end of the game when the dragons' fate was sealed.
  • The "Lagi's Wings" is prenounced as (LAH-ghee) Similar to saying "Log" and "e".


Littleman9Mew2 (talk) 03:55, October 7, 2015 (UTC)Littleman9Mew2

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