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Custom Potions

The Custom Potions Module!

Lag Level ???
Made By Littleman9Mew2
Game Standard Varies
Module Dimensions

?x? | 2 High

(Base Only)

Module Dimensions

?x? | ? High

(Base Pack)

So it's been a while...(insert undertale joke here)

You know, being bored really does provide some interesting brainstorming ideas. I have returned to this with a better, less buggy, and even smaller version than what was! Drinkers Delight! I have been sick of command blocks for a while, but after some thought and some inspiration with modding on Starbound, I have found some more motivation to get to MC! (And some real-life panic attacks wtih upcoming college/money stuffs, but I'm calm now.)

I deleted the old work (oops) and looked at my 1-Click text file, but HATED the old version, and I went to design a whole new version from the ground up and with less bugs! With this in mind, I may also release some minor modules in the next few hours/days/weeks


I may introduce a 1-Click, but as a TEMPORARY solution, I'll post a structure block schematic on here and that will be the module for the moment.

Structure Block Schematic:

[Nothing here, but 100Gil]

What in this module?

  • (MAJOR)Added support for offhand. Which can be designed to have different effects from the mainhand and offhand slots.
  • (MAJOR)Added custom colors (1.11 only guys, sorry)
  • Less command blocks, from 32(?) to about 17(?)
  • Expansions now use 2 command blocks instead of 3/4 for each hand, now without conditionals.
  • Now has better potion detection.
  • Removed the blueschist "vanilla potion repair module" thing, as I came up with a new solution.
  • Vanilla potion compatible, can use a potion of instant health while holding a custom potion with no ill effects.
  • Mainhand takes priority, like anything else. Seriously, it took a bit of thinking to make the mainhand work in a higher priority than the offhand as it kept glitching out.
  • Custom ID system may support negative numbers, but I'm not too sure.
  • Creative and Survival friendly.
  • Any effect that MC couldn't do before. (i.e. a command, a non-potion effect, summon something, message in chat, etc)
  • Uses the "Uncraftable" potion, so to not confuse it with others.

What changed for the worse than before

  • Has to run on 20Hz clocks, as the only way to prevent it from bugging out (exploit with drinking potions).
  • No legit way to obtain the potions, but another module can craft the custom potions for now or by giving the appropriate data of the potion.
  • ID's are a pain to work with expansion packs, so an official list of effect will come out soon! Then again, Starbound mods have the same problem lol!
  • (MC-108934 )Enchantment glint doesn't appear on potion. (Lol, I reported that funny enough)
  • Splash Potions and  Lingering potions are nearly impossible to recreate

Potential stuff

Now this is all stuff I wish it could do in conjunction with the other modules, but who knows:

  • Make custom liquids in Liquid Tanks 100% possible, like what sparks wanted (if the ID system is the same at least)
  • "Bed in a bottle"
  • Make the "Audre Message Bottles" a thing with Tellraw
  • An actual way to obtain the potions for one
  • A custom brewing stand.
  • Not writing a wiki page at 12:59 AM.'
  • A new potion type to add with splash/Lingering potions(?!) (Name Hint: "Leaky Potion")
  • Custom potion like effects. Like the "Lifeforce" potion and teleportation potion
  • A "reusable/infinite" potion.

Scoreboard Values

There's 2 scoreboard objectives: (Names Aren't Final)



State of the player with potion, main



State of the player with potion, offhand

potionID tracks custom potion ID in hand.

SUDDENLY! nothing, nothing at all.

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