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    Crazy Calendar!

    November 3, 2016 by Littleman9Mew2

    Crazy Calendars is a module I have been working on for quite some time, and originally it was going to be a "seasons module" but after some modification to the original module, I have created a small module that keeps track of the day, week, month, season and the year!

    The Minecraftian year is divided up into 28 day months of 12 months or about 336 days in a year. About 3.5 realtime days of solid playtime will make a year pass while in effect. The only downside is that it doesn't keep track of the daytime as that requires too many command block and I just couldn't do it because I'm lazy :p.

    This is a base module so it doesn't do anything (except calculate the day/week,etc) on it's own.

    Here's a screenshot for those who's wondering what it looks…

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  • Littleman9Mew2

    Lag Level ???
    Made By Littleman9Mew2
    Game Standard Varies
    Module Dimensions

    ?x? | 2 High

    (Base Only)

    Module Dimensions

    ?x? | ? High

    (Base Pack)

    You know, being bored really does provide some interesting brainstorming ideas. I have returned to this with a better, less buggy, and even smaller version than what was! Drinkers Delight! I have been sick of command blocks for a while, but after some thought and some inspiration with modding on Starbound, I have found some more motivation to get to MC! (And some real-life panic attacks wtih upcoming college/money stuffs, but I'm calm now.)

    I deleted the old work (oops) and looked at my 1-Click text file, but HATED the old version, and I went to design a whole new version from the ground up and with less bug…

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    Module Info INFO
    Lag Level ?/5
    Made By: Littleman9Mew2
    Game Standard 0/5: This effects whole game
    Dimensions 2 High
    Required Modules None
    Compatable Modules Custom Terrain, in a way

    In 1.9, the update added something called a "loot table", it's a feature that you couldn't really edit without the aid of mods. Now you can make your own with a simple text editor and some JSON know-how. A "Loot Table" is something that a chest in dungeon spawns, what a mob drops and so on. Every mob has a Loot Table (Yes even BATS!) the loot table has items that can determine the weight, quality and blah blah about it. This is gamemode 4 and not the Minecraft wiki, so you can read up on them (and how to make one) here.

    This module I created is a base module, so it doesn't r…

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    (Ugh, I'm trying to add the "ModuleInfo" box, but it wont allow me to edit any of the fields.)

    Module Info Module Info
    Lag Level: 1/5
    Made By: Littleman9mew2
    Game Standard: ?/5
    Module Dimensions: ?
    Required Modules: Custom Crafting
    Compatible Modules: ?

    This is a module that I've been working on, but after an incident with my computer and the loss of my worlds, I almost gave up on the idea, but not this time! I am proud to present something that will change the meaning of the "Combat Update"! Mine Runners Arsenal! This module will add about 4 weapons per tier type, with fast daggers to heavy damage claymores, the MRA module will add to the old boring sword and axe to a new type of weapon!

    The module would require the player to create the Mine…

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