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  • Kroppeb

    Current module

    October 8, 2015 by Kroppeb

    Hello guys

    At this moment I'm making a module (ok not now because I'm writing and I'm at school, but you get the point) that lets you TPA!!!!!

    You think now probably: But how Kroppeb? Simple when you craft a tpa'er you need to chose a 6 digit code (26 letters + 10 numbers = 36 signs => 36^6 = 2176782336 posibilities). The largest problem I have at this moment is that I can't check if a player wants a code that another (ofline) player has chosen. The only thing I can do is check if there are two players online with the same code, but still that isn't an optimal way. So if anyone has an ide of how to do it. I'll be pleased to know.



    Kroppeb (talk) 11:02, October 8, 2015 (UTC)

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  • Kroppeb

    Dragon Fight

    October 2, 2015 by Kroppeb

    As most of you guys know, tomorow is the dragonfight on the GM4 server. Unfortunaly I can't be there. I have to go to a family celebration :-(. 


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  • Kroppeb

    Things I'm working on

    July 27, 2015 by Kroppeb

    Hello everybody

    At this moment i need to study for my Exams (I need to redo 3 of them :-( ) but sometimes I have enough time to do some minecraft/GM4 stuff

    I'm bussy creating the following modules:

    • Season and time base module
    • Standard season expansion module
    • holidays module
    • BetterSleep modulle (a even better "better beds" module)

    I have to stop writing now because i have to go and study



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  • Kroppeb

    Chat Log 31/5/15

    May 31, 2015 by Kroppeb

    Did you know:

    I like salmon, I'm in now(20:16 3/05/2015 cest) in the chat?,I am still 1 minute later, that this blog does have a purpose, that tis was what there was in the chat at the moment i coppied ths:


    • EvilPenguinJ2 
    • Flying4ssassinAway
    • Geogeo3 
    • Lorelo12 
    • MrSugarCaney 
    • TheMasterDoom 
    • 7:57MrSugarCaneyI'll be studying maths next year
    • 7:57EvilPenguinJ2
    • 7:57Geogeo3(spew)
    • 7:57EvilPenguinJ2relog
    • 7:57MrSugarCaneyrelog needed?
    • 7:57EvilPenguinJ2yep
    • 7:57Geogeo3(regurgitate)
    • 7:57MrSugarCaneybetter
    • Welcome to the Gamemode 4 Wiki chat! 
    • 7:58MrSugarCaney (downvote)
    • 7:58Kroppeb
    • 7:58EvilPenguinJ2I like
    • (downvote
    • 7:58MrSugarCaneyWai no Sugar Cane xD
    • 7:58Flying4ssassin
    • 7:59Geogeo3this discusion is so sick
    • badum crash
    • 7:59Kroppebwho of you guys can count????
    • 7:59Flying4ssa‚Ķ

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