Today pretty much sucked. Tl;dr my internet broke and now my cable is starting to break up too #blamecomcast

Yesterday during an meeting regarding my online high school, my internet cut out. It had done this a few days ago. Last time it came back on within 10 minutes, but this time it has been 30 minutes before I regained internet so I went to see what's up. Here I thought the cable wires may be messed up so I changed out both the wire and the current cable outlet. Still didn't work. Called Comcast , gave them my info. This guy asked long questions and suddenly transfered me to another representative. THIS LADY ASKED FOR THE INFORMATION AGAIN! I completely hung up.

Next day I tried the box in every cable outlet I had. Maybe not the smartest idea due to now all my cable boxes starting to get grainy and buffer. I decided to call again. This time the lady tried to send a few signals to the router but the online never came on so xfinity couldn't signal it. Now I'm having to use my phone to access the Internet and cable is pretty much done for

To be honest I wrote this for the achievement but it's a true story that happened today.

Next day

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