This may not be a perminant/regular thing, but I wanted to try something different and make a weekly wiki update blog! If this is continued/I can be bothered to post, this will be on Saturdays at about 12:00 GMT. 

Anyways, this week has been cool as a new GM4 module was released! The equivalent exchange module was made by cocoamix, and adds a whole array of crafting recpies that may not be efficent, but save you time! There is also an endgame goal of the infinity pickaxe to make, which has no durability effects, and very high attack damage! I will let you see the module page here if you want to see the module in more detail.

In other news, Sparks has also made an amazing new intro for Gamemode 4 youtube videos, check out the video for equivalent exchange to see it! I am going around and updating all the wikia pages at the moment, so please bear with me whilst I update them to look better :)

Please remember that you can make your own edits/pages if you see something that needs editing/making. Please see the guide here if you haven't used wikia much before for editing.

In the future I will do a q and a, so please add a comment if you want to ask some questions for next week!


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