It has been a long time; hasn't it! Between posts, the Public Server reset was announced, Hermitcraft Gamemode 4 came to a conclusion and a new module, Soul Probes was released. Sparks is currently at Canada aswell! A few weeks ago, MrSugarCaney also became a forum moderator, meenwhile the wiki managed to count to 200 and 300 on the threads!

Another notabe announcement is that the new achievement track, tutorials, was released today, allowing you to gain even more achievements for editing pages in the "tutorials" category. I hope you will find collecting these new badges fun, and please suggest any category tracks I should add in the future!

As a lot of you have been repeatedly asking the same questions, I thought I would answer a few here.

Q: Why is Sparks not looking at my module submission?

A: Sparks is very busy (and in Canada atm) and he tends to do them in batches. Don't worry; you can always bump it if you feel it isn't being paid attention!

Q: Will there be a group module download/world download for Hermitcraft GM4 now it has finished?

A: Probably in a few weeks once Sparks gets back from Canada.

Q: When will more modules be released?

A: When they are ready!

Thats all for now; see you next week!


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