The wiki is growing greatly! Thank you so much to everybody who is participating in the wiki. Congratulations to lorelo12 who made the lucky 2000th edit! You can view the current achievement leaderboard here .

A feature you might not know about is the chat feature. You can visit it by clicking on theLive! Chat button which should be to the right hand side of any normal page. I will try my hardest to join any chat room open that I see, so if you want to directly ask me a question or have a conversation with me (or somebody else) please join the chat room. If I do not join, then ask it or say hello and afk on the chat, so that way it won't get deleted and I can come on when I see it :) There is also a competition to make the best emoticons for chat open here.

Two new boards have been opened on the forum this week: thetroubleshooting board and thefun and games board . In the troubleshooting board you can post any problems you have been having recently with modules, and Sparks, Bluefire or I will respond. Don't forget however to look at the common problems thread that sparks made before making your own thread! The fun and games thread is lots of fun. You can make a new game or start your own! Currently there is a game of count to 100 going on; its great fun so I suggest you play it here !

Thats all for this post, keep making your amazing edits!


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