Whew, it has been a while since I made one of these :P (I was going to post a blog post but sugary beat me too it!)

There have been plenty of releases. Custom terrain was released a couple of weeks ago, and minecart spawners was released a few days ago. Soul shards and upgrade spawners won't take long to follow. The WitherKing boss fight was also used in Hermitcraft Gamemode 4; the page for it is currently is development.

Anyway, I finally finished customising all of the achievement pictures. I'm sorry about the borders; wiki defaults to those and I can't be bothered to find out how to change them aha. Talking of achievements, sugar caney actually managed to bag himself the 5000th edit on the wiki! A plethora of templates have been made by caney and I, and caney showed a few of them in his recent blog post. I have also been going around the pages adding the new templates to them, so they should all look great.

I will also be going away on holiday to France this Sunday for a week. It is likely a new module will be released during that time, so please help to get a few pages up to scratch if you have time, and maybe earn some achievements whilst you are at it!

Finally, a big thanks to MrSugarCaney and Kroppeb for adding lots of new templates and pictures to the wiki and helping a lot around. A lot of the new page format couldn't be done without them!

Have a great end-of-June,


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