Firstly, thank you to everybody making the really helpful edits on the wiki; we reached 2000 edits a few days ago! The wiki traffic has increased quite a lot recently due to hermitcraft gamemode 4; I hope everybody is enjoying the series! Since the launch, the modules lightning rods and blast furnaces have been released.

Unfortunately we have been having a problem with the one click of liquid tanks and equivalent exchange expansion pack; sparks is working on a fix and it will be out as soon as possible. For those of you wanting to play with the modules, and are waiting to get onto the server, (there are 500 people in the queue :P) a 20 click command with all the modules of the Gamemode 4 server will be coming out very shortly, so bear with us!

Sorry this wiki update was slightly shorter, I hope it cleared up a few misconceptions.

Have a brilliant week,


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