Its time for another good old wiki update!

Firstly, thank you to everybody helping keep the wiki alive; last week we reached 3k edits (well done to sugar caney for getting the 3000th edit :P) and 4k contributions! Also the boots of ostara module was released. This module plants seeds in your inventory beneath you and turns blocks to grass (with a grass block in your inventory) beneath you out of thin air!

I should also mention that the custom terrain module is being released on Saturday; it took Sparks 1.5 years of work! It is amazing; check out all of the expansion packs!

We have had a plethora of modules submitted; sparks is trying his best to sift through them; keep them coming! Just to the people who do want to submit a module, please read the module submission guidelines. We have also had many people in the chat recently; I am glad it is getting used. There is also a whole bank of emoticons for it; I actually add a new one every day so keep coming on the chat and trying them out! You can see the full list of emoticons here

Finally, SugCube and Bluefire have also made blog posts. You can join in and make your own blog posts; just look at them hereand hereto see how they should be done :P

Thats all for this week; I look forward to seeing some of you in the chat!

See yada laters,


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