• UPDATE 2: Everything it back up and running :)
  • UPDATE: CSS has been disabled aswell :(

Heyo everybody!

Wikia recently made a blog post concerning a recent attack on multiple wikias. Luckily we were not one of them, and no long term damage was caused on the targeted wikias, but Wikia are taking many cautions to make sure it doesnt happen again. I will directly quote some of the blog post below:

Hi everyone,

There was a security issue on a couple of wikias over the weekend. No long-term damage was done to any wikia, but a nasty troll caused some havoc for a while.

We know some accounts were compromised during this time. It's a small number, and only affected members of attacked wikias - those communities have been directly informed, but if you are at all concerned, you should change your password to be safe. You should also consider where else you use the same password and change it, just in case. (Note: We recommend never using the same password on different sites.)

We have taken immediate measures to ensure that the wikias, and your accounts, are safe. Including turning off custom JS on all wikias. We’ll look today, and over the coming days, at longer-term changes to increase security.

Read the full thing here:

Of course, if you are worried change your passwords. Also, as you have probably read, custom Javascript has been disabled on all wikias. I believe this is temporary, but in this time there will be no fancy name colours and no custom crafting recipes on pages :(

In other news, we hit 10k contributions last week! Thanks to everybody who has been helping on the wiki recently!

Have a great week!


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