Apologies for the inactivity recently, I've been pretty busy with other stuff and haven't had the chance to come on the wiki much. Please let me know what needs doing on the wiki or if you want me to check anything, I'm going to make a list below this for my reference of what needs doing. (If anything has already been done please let me know).

Also please can someone let me know if there will be/has been an event this month?

  • Add pages for new PSIII trophies
  • Finalise PSIII page
  • Finalise PSIII town pages
  • Update homepage slideshows
  • Add pages for PSIII event(s)
  • Sort out counting
  • Update all module pages for Sparks
  • Sort out translation and add translation trophies
  • ...

Turns out there's quite a lot of stuff to do, thats my Summer sorted it seems :P

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