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  • EvilPenguinJ2

    Apologies for the inactivity recently, I've been pretty busy with other stuff and haven't had the chance to come on the wiki much. Please let me know what needs doing on the wiki or if you want me to check anything, I'm going to make a list below this for my reference of what needs doing. (If anything has already been done please let me know).

    Also please can someone let me know if there will be/has been an event this month?

    • Add pages for new PSIII trophies
    • Finalise PSIII page
    • Finalise PSIII town pages
    • Update homepage slideshows
    • Add pages for PSIII event(s)
    • Sort out counting
    • Update all module pages for Sparks
    • Sort out translation and add translation trophies
    • ...

    Turns out there's quite a lot of stuff to do, thats my Summer sorted it seems :P

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  • EvilPenguinJ2
    • UPDATE 2: Everything it back up and running :)
    • UPDATE: CSS has been disabled aswell :(

    Heyo everybody!

    Wikia recently made a blog post concerning a recent attack on multiple wikias. Luckily we were not one of them, and no long term damage was caused on the targeted wikias, but Wikia are taking many cautions to make sure it doesnt happen again. I will directly quote some of the blog post below:

    Hi everyone,

    There was a security issue on a couple of wikias over the weekend. No long-term damage was done to any wikia, but a nasty troll caused some havoc for a while.

    We know some accounts were compromised during this time. It's a small number, and only affected members of attacked wikias - those communities have been directly informed, but if you are…

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  • EvilPenguinJ2

    It has been a long time; hasn't it! Between posts, the Public Server reset was announced, Hermitcraft Gamemode 4 came to a conclusion and a new module, Soul Probes was released. Sparks is currently at Canada aswell! A few weeks ago, MrSugarCaney also became a forum moderator, meenwhile the wiki managed to count to 200 and 300 on the threads!

    Another notabe announcement is that the new achievement track, tutorials, was released today, allowing you to gain even more achievements for editing pages in the "tutorials" category. I hope you will find collecting these new badges fun, and please suggest any category tracks I should add in the future!

    As a lot of you have been repeatedly asking the same questions, I thought I would answer a few here.


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  • EvilPenguinJ2

    I'm back! I got back a few days ago; but I've been really busy with moderation etc.. This will likely only be a short blog post; sorry about that. I was extremely lucky and I got the 6000th edit when I got back!

    There has been one new module released; Soul Probes. This allows you to create spawn eggs by killing mobs, usable for all kinds of powerful mob farms. In combination with the Minecart Spawners module, I can see some really convinient and (slightly) overpowered mob farms made with these!

    Sparks is currently at minecon, so if you don't get an official answer on a module submission/suggestion, that is why.

    I honestly don't have anything to post more about :P, see you soon!


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  • EvilPenguinJ2

    Whew, it has been a while since I made one of these :P (I was going to post a blog post but sugary beat me too it!)

    There have been plenty of releases. Custom terrain was released a couple of weeks ago, and minecart spawners was released a few days ago. Soul shards and upgrade spawners won't take long to follow. The WitherKing boss fight was also used in Hermitcraft Gamemode 4; the page for it is currently is development.

    Anyway, I finally finished customising all of the achievement pictures. I'm sorry about the borders; wiki defaults to those and I can't be bothered to find out how to change them aha. Talking of achievements, sugar caney actually managed to bag himself the 5000th edit on the wiki! A plethora of templates have been made by c…

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