Town Cores are rare items players can get on the Public Server III. There are five different cores and they serve two different purposes.

Obtaining Edit

Each one of the five spawn towns - Mega Taiga, Mushroom Island, Extreme Hills, Jungle and Savanna has a place where town cores can be obtained.

A town core spawns every 45 minutes in one of the spawn towns. In other words, there is a 1 in 5 chance that a core will spawn in a given town.

Uses Edit

Town cores serve two purposes - repairing Teleporters and crafting the Teleport Amulet.

Repairing Teleporters Edit

Upon the release of the server, all of the teleporters were broken. Two towns needed to swap cores for a link to be made and the teleporters in their respective towns fixed. You could still use them once they had the link to one, but not all other town cores.

Teleport Amulet Edit

All five cores can also be used to craft a Teleport Amulet, an expensive item similar to the Teleport Halo from Public Server II.

See main page.

Locations Edit

Mega Taiga Edit

Mega Taiga's core is a pumpkin. It spawns in a large tree which is located on an island in the middle of a lake. The coordinates are -1091 1043.


Mushroom Islands Edit

Mushroom Island's core is a mushroom block. It spawns in a brown mushroom which is located near the big red mushroom. The coordinates are 2802 2883.


Extreme Hills Edit

Extreme Hills' core is a stone brick. It spawns in the dwarven ruins. The coordinates are -5001 4561.


Jungle Edit

Jungle's core is a melon block. It spawns in a small tree which is located near the big one. The coordinates are 830 -2957.


Savanna Edit

Savanna's core is a hay block. It spawns in a small cave. The coordinates are -4059 -4341.


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