This module is an Expansion Module. It adds functionality to Custom Terrain Base Module.


This module adds three types of towers to mountains around your world, full of death and loot. Custom Terrain and Structure Population base modules are required.

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There are currently three tower types. The first is tall and thin, made of mostly stone. It contains three spawners and two chests, and spawns on stone. The second tower is short and mostly made of wood, contains five spawners and three chests, and spawns on dirt. The final tower is very tall, made mostly of stone, contains three spawners and three chests, and spawns on anything that isn't dirt or stone making this the most common tower type.

To get the loot and spawners, the Structure Population module must be installed.

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Towers are tall surface structures that spawn up high on hills and mountains. The lowest a tower can spawn (measured from the foot of the tower) is y=85 and the maximum height is y=200.

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An example of loot in a tower

Spawners and chests inside towers are seed-random, with up to four seed-random items appearing in any one chest. The higher the tower is, the better the loot is.The chests at the top of towers have a higher chance of containing good items than chests at the foot of towers.

See main article Structure Population.

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Date Change
13 June 2015 Released Module