Terra SomniaA land of dreams...
Terra Somnia was a town on the Public Server II around the central part of the map. Terra Somnia, in latin for Land of Dreams, and that is what we desire that everyone experiences. The mayor of this town was _Sheepe.

The town could be accessed via Nether from Plains.

Resident List Edit

The main feature of Terra Somina is the Guardian Farm. It utilities many afk type farms at once for max efficiency (these include Iron Farms, Pumpkin and Melon, and as a WIP, a Gold farm). Only as a Somnian Veteran were you are able to use them. There were 12 places for this and 7 were taken.

Somnian Veterans: Edit

  • Mayor: _Sheepe
  • Denniss
  • iFuzion77
  • xLevonio
  • Xionite
  • SolidObsidian
  • MakingMagic

Somnian Residents Edit

Gallery Edit

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