This page is about the Public Server III of Teleporters. For the Public Server II, visit Public Server II Teleporters.
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The Teleporters module was added to the Gamemode 4 Public Server III, it allows the user to teleport between the three different areas on the server at a cost of 3 XP and 3 Nether Powder from Vials. This module is exclusive to the Gamemode 4 Public Server III and is not available to install.

Details Edit

Unlike many teleporters included by mod packs, teleporters cannot be created by players, rather they are fixed points on the server. There are no plans to add new teleport locations to the world. Their purpose is to cause more of the server's land to be used, link far points on the map and spread out players more, reducing lag and land disuputes with the server's large number of players.

Using the teleporter Edit

A player wishing to teleport themselves simply stands on the pad and waits about 5 seconds. Destinations and the coordinates to them can be found below.

Destination Coordinates
Extreme Hills -4979 83 4675
Jungle 809 93 -2931
Mega Taiga -1204 67 1013
Mushroom Island 2813 20 2798
Savanna -3917 66 -4406

There are four teleporters in each town, one to each of the others.

Coolant Edit

Coolant is a mechanic that means players may only teleport a few times before running out of "coolant". It is capped at three for each player, and is shown by blue particles below the player when they approach a teleporter. One regenerates every five minutes. A player will glow red and not be able to teleport when they are out of coolant.

Broken Teleporters Edit

Upon the release of the server, all of the teleporters were broken. Each town has their own core plant hidden somewhere near the spawn of the town, and two towns need to swap cores for a link to be made and the teleporters in their respective towns fixed.

Vials Edit

Instead of using 5 levels of XP, a new method has been made to re-balance the teleporters

These are the currently found items that can fill the vials. More Items will be added here as they are found.

XP Nether Powder Chorus Juice
1 Level Extracted from players XP bar 1 Eye Of Ender 1 Eye Of Ender
1 XP Bottle 1 Quartz Ore 1 Purpur
5 Coal Ore 32 Nether-rack 1 Popped Chorus Fruit
5 Redstone Ore 5 Quartz 1 Chorus Fruit
1 Bone Block 3 Nether Wart 1 Ender Pearl
??? 1 Nether Wart Block ???
??? 1 Magma Block ???
Boost Item - 1 Emerald Ore Boost Item - 1 Nether Star Boost Item - 1 End Crystal

A "Boost Item" fills the most "Points" in a vial out of that branch of items

Teleport Amulet Edit

The teleport amulet allows you to teleport as many times as you want, as well as using chorus juice instead of XP and nether powder. Whilst the recipe was previously being kept a secret, it is now available on the wiki page for the Amulet.

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History Edit

Date Change
21 May 2016 Added module to Public Server
All the time They act funky...