This module is a Reliant Module. It requires Custom Crafter to do some/all of its functions.

The Teleport Amulet is an item on the Public Server III that helps the player use the Teleporters. It must be equipped in the player's offhand for it to take action. The Amulet lets you circumvent the cooldown which prevents you from teleporting more than thrice every five minutes.

When equipped, rather than using Nether Powder and XP to teleport, you must use Chorus Juice instead. According to Jonpot, the creator of the Teleporters, all blocks found in the End can be used as Chorus Juice.

Crafting Edit

The Teleport Amulet must be crafted in the Master Crafter. It is crafted using each of the five Town Cores, which can be obtained in the spawn towns and four crystals - namely a Diamond, an Emerald, Prismarine Crystals and a Nether Star.

When first crafted, the amulet will be uninfused. Simply putting it in your inventory will infuse it and allow you to use it.

Name Ingredients Master Crafter Description
Teleport Amulet Town Cores, Emerald, Diamond, Prismarine Crystals, Nether Star
The arrangement of the cores doesn't matter. The crystals must be placed exactly as sown in the grid.