This module causes TNT items dropped on the floor to turn into land mines! players, mobs, fishing rods, or breaking the block the landmine is placed on will cause it to explode! Please note: this module works with any TNT item, so be very careful when breaking chests containing TNT as they will turn into landmines when they hit the ground!

Details Edit

Throw down any piece of TNT onto the floor (using the Drop Key, defualt: 'Q') to turn them into a mini TNT landmine! This can be used to create traps such as TNTree, see the video in the see more on how to make that and many more.

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Hermitcraft version Edit

The Hermitcraft server has an updated version of the landmines that requires them to be crafted - regular TNT won't set into the ground. Eventually this will be publicly updated.

Name Ingredients Custom Crafter Details
TNT Landmine Grass, Stone Pressure Plate, Dirt, TNT, Redstone
This recipe only applies to the hermitcraft gamemode 4 version.

Technical Details Edit

Clock Type 1) Fill Clock
Clock Speed 1) 20Hz (Once every tick)
Commands per pulse 1) 12
Nested Commands per pulse 1) 7

Command Overview Edit

An overview of all commands used in this module can be found in a plain text file. You can download the file here and open it with a text editor.

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Scoreboard Objectives Edit

Objective Name Description
landMine Used to set scores of tnt items and armor stands as land mines

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Watch youtube 2 Website

History Edit

Date Change
09 Aug 2014 Released TNT Landmines.