Savanna town
SavannaThe harsh environment with wonderful people

The Savanna is one of the five spawn towns on the Public Server III. It located in an improved Savanna biome rougly at -4000 -4300.


Savanna town


The town-center features the teleporters, the town hall, a voting platform, Tomhelduf's house and a few other house's including Dire's.

The Northern District. Edit

This district Is found by following the path alongside Dire's house. It leads to Laerite and Mooney's ranch and farm and Dire's industrial compound.

The Eastern District. Edit

This district features a myriad of houses of varying styles and quality, it was established and grew up very quickly in the last few days.

The Western District. Edit

This district features mostly stunning builds by LeKl7 and Tschipp, including a Horse Shop, a Fishing Stand, and of course their house. The western district doesn't have many Houses, but the ones that are there, are amazing



far beyond the outer borders of the western district there's a stranded stone ship by Bluefire610.

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Public Zombie Grinder

Community Farms Edit

  • Public Zombie Grinder - GiacomoS & VenturianFan75
  • Community Cactus Farm - BigBertman
  • Public Tree Farm - Cryo_Glaze


Savanna farm

Community Cactus Farm

Members (Order from member Board) Edit

Feel free to put your name here if you feel you are a member of this town

  • icygam1ng
  • Dire_Chymeras
  • RoWaSo
  • Lucien40
  • Vitalfurious
  • MCZombieSlayer
  • Z66_nexus_66J
  • Deadlyvoltage
  • Halfstak
  • Thayli_Bigwig
  • Tomhelduf
  • Ballerboar
  • Miniwelshwizzard
  • XikoCat
  • bacony42
  • ValiantVole
  • Biscuit_Ninja
  • Mooney
  • Laerite
  • Cryo_Glaze
  • jabba_1
  • Zozzink
  • Tschipp
  • LeKl7
  • _ItsCubo
  • Mindi_Crayon
  • MaxRCG
  • Bluefire610
  • xAlfasi
  • Painz
  • BigBertman
  • BigBenny
  • Loedje