SWinxy's Let's Build Isles (Public Server II Town)Let's get building!
SWinxy's Let's Build Isles was an uninhabited town on the Public Server II which consisted of two sets of islands where only members could build. It was discovered and created by SWinxy and was to be marked on the map, though the Public Server || was closed before the moderators did it. It was a group of islands referred to as the Main Island (-1500, -4200), and ten separate islands South of the Main Island, referred to as the Southern Islands. The islands would have been used to create a "Let's Build" series on SWinxy's YouTube Channel. SWinxy has not introduced the series on social media or any teasers or playlists hinting at its creation.

Since the release of 1.9, the project was scrapped due to the incompatibility of the server and the new updates. Some other reasons were due to incomplete planning, lack of time and scheduling, and procrastination. With the Public Server III, a new area will be chosen to host the new town.

"Hopefully this time it will happen." -SWinxy[citation needed]

Members Edit

The town consisted of five members so far:

  1. Owner: SWinxy (Builder + Recorder)
  2. T0xicFury (Builder)
  3. _MoonMun_ (Builder)
  4. NinjaLord420 (Builder)
  5. vn29 (Builder + Recorder)

There have never been any members accepted after these 5. These members were the only people allowed to build in or around the area. Greifing the isles could've resulted in a temporary ban, and would be reverted if major damage was caused[citation needed].

Buildings Edit

There were no structures on the island, except for a modified nether portal where SWinxy first entered the islands. Most changes to the landscape by players had been removed and will stay as if it had been generated naturally. There have been no plans of any underground or water-related structures.

Videos Edit

There are no videos available on SWinxy's YouTube channel regarding the subject. The first mention of this series will be announced whenever SWinxy has time. The videos will be planned for release every Monday, every other week[citation needed].

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