This module is unreleased. It will be available soon.
This module is an Expansion Module. It adds functionality to Mysterious Midnights.
This article is a stub. Please help expand it, or the bats will blow you up!

This modules turns Zombies into truly undead mobs and makes their drops come back to life!


When this module is active, any rotten flesh left on the ground will begin to turn, in this stage it starts to emit particles. At this point players can still pick up the rotten flesh and no zombie will appear. However if a rotten flesh is left for long enough it will turn into a zombie and begin to terrorise the player. All rotten flesh will turn into a resurrected zombie during the modules activation so even the flesh from resurrected zombies will become alive again.

History Edit

Date Version Change
18 Dec 2016 1.0 Announced and added to the Patreon Server

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