The Public Server II has its fair share of inside jokes and references. But it also has physical forms of rare items. These are usually items given out by Admins or found during temporary events. For the sake of creating a separate page, we will not be counting trophies on this page. Items have been linked to their main page where possible.

No Longer Obtainable (Other than Trading) Edit

Image Item Name Item Lore Attributes (If Any) Amount (If known) Description
47 Shades O Green Written Book None None Unknown A book written by Crazyman himself. Speculated to be the rarest item on the server. Filled with seemingly random equations.
Lae's Mixtape Blocks Music Disc

Later replaced with Chirp

Burns like the fire in lae's eyes Fire Aspect 255

Protection I

Fire Protection 20

2 (The Blocks Disc was placed in a jukebox and lost its name/lore/enchants) A record enchanted with Fire Aspect. A reference to the moderator "Laerite", and his mixtape being "2 Hot"
Headless Horseman's Scythe Golden Hoe TBA Unbreakable, Sharpness V 3 Dropped by a boss on the Halloween Event.
Wacky Stick Blaze Rod -SpiderRobotMan Knockback 255 5 (1 one fell in lava, so 4) Released by SpiderRobotMan, these blaze rods simply knock people back.
Spider's Skull SpiderRobotMan's Skull None None 7 Released by SpiderRobotMan, it is simply his skull. He placed them all randomly in the nether, they were immediately found and gathered.
Jonpot's Magic Wand Stick Jonpot's Magic Wand... x of 5. Said to be made from the elder tree in New Hope.

Rare. Can be sold. Non-replaceable.

Feather Falling II,

Knockback V, Infinity VII, Fire Aspect VI

5 This magical stick was released by Jonpot. Was used for the Null Event during the final fight.
Washed Socks Leather Boots They smell detergenty None Unknown This item was given by Sparks on December 24th, after Ulysse333 asked him to make a Teleporter in ModeCraft.
Sharp Ice Axe ??? Axe Sharpness from the ice within Protection I, Sharpness V, Smite V, Unbreaking I, Fire Aspect II, Looting III 3 Dropped by a custom mob found in caves of Winter Island.
Floppy Sword Wooden Sword None Sharpness -1 1 A Christmas present from "JonpotIllusion" on the 31st December 2015
Floppy Rod Fishing Rod None Luck Of The Sea -1 , Lure -1 1 An item found on an undead player belonging to no-one
Zombie's Flesh Rotten Flesh Flesh ripped right of off Zombie's head +50% Speed, gives poison when held 2 (for now) Reference to moderator


That's why he was missing part of his head.

Snow White's Apple Apple Cursed. None 2 Was given to two - almost invinceble - players that were able to survive with a high wither effect for a long time.

Still Obtainable Edit

Name Item Lore Attributes

(if any)

Necromancer's Wand Stick How Spooky! +2 Attack Damage A rare 10% drop from the Spooky Necromancers found in Terror Isle.
Dearest Audrey Paper The snow is settling on the palm trees. I've attached an unusually shaped grain of sand for you. Thinking of you as the year draws to a close. None A rare 2% drop from the Gift Trophy.
Toy Maker Diamond Axe This weapon was used to build only the best toys in town Sharpness V, Looting III, Unbreaking III Dropped by a boss on the 5 days of Christmas event day 5.
Dungeon Loot N/A N/A N/A Found in special dungeons.
Winter Island Loot N/A N/A N/A Found by killing special Winter mobs.
NULL event stuff N/A N/A N/A killing special mobs at the event place
Zombies day flesh N/A N/A N/A given by ZombiesOnTheBus