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So far, you have only been able to obtain trophies from events or being a patron. Gamemode 4 Quests changes this! GM4Q rewards players for fully exploring the Gamemode 4 Modules.

- Jonpot

Quests were events on the Public Server II that could be completed at any time, making it convenient for people of all time zones. When a quest was completed, the player earned a trophy. There were four quests in total, each associated with a classic Gamemode 4 module, namely Bat Grenades, Enderman Support Class, Undead Players and Ink Spitting Squid.


Quest Name Module Quest Objective
Fang Boom Bat Grenades Kill 40 Bats
Return to Ender Enderman Support Class Throw 10 Splash Potions of Speed at Endermen
From the Ground Undead Players Equip an Undead Player with a wooden sword, Boots of Ostara, Golden Leggings, Diamond Chestplate and a Pumpkin.
Two Short Hands, 6 Slimy Ones Ink Spitting Squid Stand near a squid for 2:06 minutes. Moving away will lower your score!

Quest Trophies Edit

Image Trophy Name Quest Effect
Nightly Creature Trophy Fang Boom Lowers health, gives the wearer vampiric-like properties when attacking.
Thaumic Trophy Return to Ender Teleports the player to above the block they're facing on every twentieth jump.
Rebirth Trophy From the Ground Gives Resistance if worn.
Murky Trophy Two Short Hands, 6 Slimy Ones Gives Water Breathing and night vision if worn in water, gives Wither if worn on land.

Trivia Edit

  • There are several mistakes in Jonpot's Pastebin post about Quests.
    • 'Patreons' are misspelled as 'patrons'.
    • Jonpot mentions that Quests will also be available on Public Server III, however, they were never added.

History Edit

Date Description
5 March 2016 Jonpot announces the release of the first quest via twitter (@GM4Official).
8 March 2016 The second quest, Return to Ender, is released.
11 March 2016 The third quest, From the Ground, is released.
12 March 2016 The fourth quest, Two Short Hands, 6 Slimy Ones, is released