Ground 1, or the ground is number 1, is a farm project founded by lryanle and plexigras. Its purpose is to create many farms for the community. Lryanle has since passed on the role of Ground 1 to Joshverd, Nightmare_4_You, vn29, and dordir8.

Ground one was located in Plains (on Public Server II) and featured mob farms, block farms, item farms, farm farms, and animal farms.

Projects at Ground1 Edit

2015-09-28 15.28.15

Melon Farm Edit

This is the almighty melon farm provided over 60 thousand melons to everyone!

2015-09-28 15.38.19

Chicken Cooker Edit

  • by N4rr3nk0n1g

This auto-wonder auto-slaughtered grown chickens. Created from a coupe inside the Chicken, a dispenser would automatically spit out eggs collected from them.

Animal Farm Edit

This farm held most breed-able animals for any player to use.


Wheat and Bread Farm (WIP) Edit

This farm used the villager's AI which farms the wheat, but some of the wheat was taken from the villager.

2016-01-01 00.37.26

Sheep Farm Edit

This farm would exploit the sheep's AI to make them auto eat grass, be buffeted around by each other and have their wool sheared. The farm contained many different colors of dyed sheep.


Nether Wart Farm Edit

  • Unknown Creator

This farm was a simple piston harvest farm with the user only required to press a button to move the nether wart- as it would pop of the block when moved. The creator is unknown too this day.