Ground 1, or the ground is number 1, is a farm project founded by lryanle and plexigras. Its purpose is to create many farms for the community. Lryanle has since passed on the role of Ground 1 to Joshverd, Nightmare_4_You, vn29, and dordir8.

Ground one is located in Plains and features mob farms, block farms, item farms, farm farms, and animal farms. Most projects can be found north-west from the Teleporters.

Current Projects: Edit

2015-09-28 15.28.15

Melon Farm Edit

This is the almighty melon farm, which has provided over 60 thousand melons to everyone!

2015-09-28 15.38.19

Chicken Cooker (WIP) Edit

  • by N4rr3nk0n1g

This is the amazing chicken farm! The chicken lay eggs which occasionally spawn babies. When they grow up they become delicious Cooked Chicken! The farm still isn't finished to perfection.

Animal Farm Edit

This amazing area holds every breedable farm animal in Minecraft! It lays between the Chicken Cooker and the Melon Farm.


Wheat and Bread Farm (WIP) Edit

This farm uses the villager's AI which farms the wheat, but some of the wheat is taken from the villager. It is located to the right of the chicken farm. It currently needs two villagers - a farmer on the left and any on the right.

2016-01-01 00.37.26

Sheep Farm (WIP) Edit

These sheep are tricked into doing all the dirty work for us. Their AI's aren't smart enough to notice that the carpet is actually in the way. They all go around, eating grass as they go, until they reach you, getting sheared. Located across from the chicken and wheat/bread farms. There are currently no sheep in here, thus the WIP, but there is a maximum of 16 sheep or there won't be enough grass.


Nether Wart Farm Edit

  • Unknown Creator

This simple, piston-harvested Nether Wart farm has provided lots of Nether Wart to alchemysts for potion brewing. The pistons on the right push the soulsand to the left and the pistons on the left push it back into its place. The grown Nether Wart is harvested in the process. It can be found opposite of the Chicken Cooker and Animal Farm.

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