PlainsA beautiful plains had a delicate ecosystem but got ruined by its new locals...
Plains (sometimes called Plainstown or Grassland) was one of the three big starter towns on Public Server II.It was located at at -2570 -1875.

Geography Edit

The Plainstown is located on a fairly sized island (known as Grassland Island) in the north-west portion of the map. The east side is covered by plains while the west is covered by woods. The center of the city is located in the south portion of the island, with the rest being reffered to as Plains' suburbs.

Plainsville Edit

Plainsville is one of the player created suburbs next to Plains. It is located on an island, east from the Teleporters. It features some slightly medieval-themed houses, farms and a dock.

Features Edit

Plains is the largest of the three big towns, thus it features dozens of houses.

Ground 1 Edit

One of the main features of Plains is Ground 1, a farm project by lryanle. It provides all kinds of farmable items to the citizens of Plains.

Nether Hub Edit

Plains has the largest Nether Hub without doubt, having connections with the other two main towns, many players' bases, player-made towns, Terror Isle and Jurrassic Sparks. As well as tunnels, Plains Nether Hub features three floors of shops and stores. The Hub was designed by dordir8 and is made out of sandstone and stained glass. As a reward for dordir's hard work, Plains has won the ESA Best Nether Hub award.

Members Edit

As mentioned above, Plains is the largest of the three towns, thus having the most members as well. You can find a brief list of them below:

  1. Mayor: Dordir8
  2. MC_ZombieSlayer
  3. Joshverd
  4. Nightmare_4_You
  5. Laerite

Gallery Edit

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