Perron (Public Server II Town)a horrid place reworked by MC to be beautiful
Perron is a town that is apart of the Public Server II. It was founded by MC_ZombieSlayer and is made up of 4 nice biomes - Extreme Hills, Plains, Roofed Forest and a Swamp. It is marked on the map with a compass icon, at -7640, -1775. Perron also has a witch farm and a wither skeleton farm that is privately owned by Dordir8. Another unique feature of Perron is the world border nearby.

East Perron Edit

East Perron is an off shoot of the town Perron it resides solely in a roofed forest biome and has a nature feel. The Mayor , Supergerrie2 of East Perron would like some new members.

Builds Edit

Perron has been recently building a whole bunch of new homes and buildings to make it look nice. Here is a list of them;

Homes Edit

  • MC's home
  • XilkoCat's home
  • vn29's home
  • Seikatsu7's home
  • SwampMonkey08 and SwampPiglet09's home
  • Suppergerrie2's home
  • Baxter_TEM's home
  • Wincent1's Tavern
  • Thxta's Hobbit Hole
  • T_rulezzz's home
  • Others...

Builds Edit

  • Town Hall
  • The Farms
  • Building (Unnamed)
  • The Bridge
  • Sparks Statue

Tunnels Edit

  • Tunnel001
  • Tunnel002

Automated Farms/Machines Edit

  • Villager Breeder
  • Cacti Farm (WIP)
  • Sugar Cane Farm
  • Super Smelter

To Be Built Edit

  • boats in the lake
  • Perron Death Games
  • Auto Farms
  • More Tunnels
  • Museum
  • Iron Farm
  • CrazyMan Statue
  • SRM Statue
  • ~MC Statue
  • Seikatsu7 Statue

Alliances Edit

As of January 2016 Perron has formed a three fold alliance with Res Novae and Paw Peaks.

Banned/Striked Players Edit

Several players have been banned from Perron for various reasons. You can find a list of them below:

Members Edit

Alphabetically (A-Z)

  • Owner: mcpeahpies
  • Owner: MC_ZombieSlayer
  • Co-Owner: Seikatsu7
  • Co-Owner: suppergerrie2
  • Higher Up: Bakonov
  • Higher Up: Dordir8
  • Higher Up: Incarceron
  • Higher Up: kikawet
  • Higher Up: T_rulezz
  • Higher Up: mcpeachpies
  • Higher Up: NightKing2002
  • Baxter_TEM
  • EasyBaconForEver
  • Geoloswith1993
  • H0pestart3r
  • spark5600
  • SwampMonkey08
  • SwampPiglet09
  • Thxta
  • MrSegwayMan
  • vn29
  • wincent1
  • XilkoCat (Inactive)
  • More to come...

Joining Edit

You can private message either mcpeachies , Seikatsu7 , Suppergerrie2 or down in the comments of this wiki page.

Rules Edit

  • Listen to what mcpeachpies, Seikatsu7 and suppergerrie2 say
  • No dirt huts or homes, we want this place to shine
  • No stealing
  • No griefing
  • Killing animals that aren't in farms isn't allowed
  • Fix creeper holes
  • Replant trees/ crops
  • Normal Server rules
  • Boots Of Ostara are required at all times

Gallery Edit