Perron is a town that is apart of the Public Server III. It was founded by MC_ZombieSlayer and is made up of one of the nice custom biomes. It is not currently marked on the map . Another unique feature of Perron is the world border nearby.


Perron has been recently building a whole bunch of new homes and buildings to make it look nice. Here is a list of them;


  • MC's home
  • Suppergerrie2's home
  • T_rulezzz's home
  • James_BondOO7 and StormFX260's home
  • MrSegwayMan's Sideways home
  • Liturkey's and michal12sk's home
  • Incarceron's Man Cave
  • Others...


  • The Farms
  • Sky Stairs
  • Mob Collection


  • none

Automated Farms/MachinesEdit

  • Villager Breeder
  • Sugar Cane Farm
  • Iron Farm

To Be BuiltEdit

  • Auto Farms
  • Tunnels
  • Museum

Members Edit

Alphabetically (A-Z)

  • Owner: Liturkey
  • Owner: mcpeachpies
  • Owner: MC_ZombieSlayer
  • Owner: suppergerrie2
  • Higher Up: Bakonov
  • Higher Up: Dordir8
  • Higher Up: Incarceron
  • Higher Up: kikawet
  • Higher Up: T_rulezz
  • Higher Up: NightKing2002
  • Higher Up: Pineapple_123
  • Eladkay
  • Geoloswith1993
  • H0pestart3r
  • James_BondOO7
  • spark5600
  • StormFX260
  • Thxta
  • MrSegwayMan
  • vn29
  • wincent1
  • XilkoCat
  • michal12sk
  • More to come...


You can private message either MC mcpeachies , Suppergerrie2, Liturky or down in the comments of this wiki page.


  • Listen to what MC, mcpeachpies and suppergerrie2 say
  • No dirt huts or homes, we want this place to shine
  • No stealing
  • No griefing
  • Killing animals that aren't in farms isn't allowed
  • Fix creeper holes
  • Replant trees/ crops
  • Normal Server rules
  • Boots of Ostara are required at all times (when they are installed)

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