This module was part of the Hermitcraft server release. It may be released publicly in the future.

The parachute module allows you to craft a one-time-use leather tunic with a parachute strapped to the back that allows you to float gently to the ground when deployed.

Details Edit

This module requires the custom crafting base module to create parachutes. Parachutes can be made with the following recipe inside a Custom Crafter.

Name Ingredients Custom Crafter
Parachute Carpet, String, Leather Tunic

To use a parachute, hold the tunic in your hand while falling, look downwards and hold down right-click. This will equip the parachute and summon the parachute seat just below you (Don't have a chestplate equipped, otherwise the parachute won't work). Holding down right-click will make sure you click on the saddle once it spawns, letting you sit in it. Once you reach the ground or you leave the parachute by pressing shift, the parachute will disappear. The parachute only moves straight down and cannot be steered.

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