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Novae Valley Dimensional Warp Point
Novae Valley Dimension Warp PointCan you teleport like a space alien?

The Novae Valley Dimensional Warp Point is a inter-dimensional place on GM4D where you can (most of the time) safely travel between dimensions. It was created by SunderB and is located at x: -3106 z: -253, just behind his house near Novae Valley, West Mandala Town.

Ladders and staircases allow players to go to the necessary places/y-values to travel to several different dimensions. Also, there is a community blast furnace in Upper Caves where players can double their metal ores.

Linked Dimensions Edit

Currently, the Overworld, Upper Caves, Lower Cavesand Lush dimensions are fully linked, and the Warp Point also allows players to discover those links.

Dates Edit

Date Event
20th November 2017 SunderB started construction of the Warp Point