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The Mushroom Island, also known as Mushroom, is one of the initial five spawn towns on the Public Server III.

About Edit

The island itself is populated by mushrooms, both ones created naturally and by players. The player built ones are normally more round, have roots above ground and stems at angles. There is one large one, however, named The Great Mushroom. Inside is a helical staircase, though with a thinner, inner stem inside with gaps at each corner. Due to this, it is possible to fall through the gaps, which, if they're high enough, can kill a player. At the bottom, however, there is a centred hole, at the top of which the players lucky enough to spawn there will do so. These holes continue through the thin, inner stem. There is also an opening at the top leading down to the lower hole, in case you want a more dramatic entrance with higher bouncing. Players have died from not landing on the slime blocks directly underneath the hole. If you fall down, do not move until you stop bouncing high enough to take fall damage, or press space as you fall on a slime block.

Town Core Edit


Mushroom Island's core is a mushroom block. It spawns in a brown mushroom which is located near the big red mushroom. The coordinates of the hub are 2802 2883.

Nether Hub Edit

Mushroom Island's Nether Hub is a large dome made from quartz, dark oak planks, white stained glass, red stained glass and mushroom blocks. It has been made mainly by RedstoneSlimeMC, as well as lryanle, misoloo and DragonEye3k.


Mushroom Island's Nether Hub, picture by RedstoneSlimeMC

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