The Hyper Spawner is a glitch-based construction, which highly increases the spawn rate by constantly switching the spawner between being a regular one and one inside a minecart.

Tutorial written by Kroppeb

Tutorial Edit

To get started, you will need the following items:

Item Item Name Quantity
Spawner x1
Any Building Block x4
Any Slab x1
Redstone x1
Redstone Torch x1
Redstone Repeater x1
Redstone Block x2
Piston x1
Sticky Piston x1
Lever x1
Activator Rail x1
Minecart x1

Step 1 Edit

Find a spawner and clean up the area around it.

Step 2 Edit

From the spawner, go down two blocks and put down a redstone block. Place an activator rail on the redstone block.

Step 3 Edit

Place down a regular block next to the rail with redstone dust on top of it. From the bottom side, place a lever on the block and flick it. The redstone should glow.

Step 4 Edit

On the opposite side, place down two regular block, as shown on the image. Place a redstone repeater on the bottom block and make sure it's facing away from the spawner and into the second block.

Step 5 Edit

Place a redstone torch on the left-most block and a regular block on top of it.

Step 6 Edit

Place a downward-facing regular piston on top of the spawner and put a redstone block on top. Between the regular block and redstone block place a sticky piston facing into the redstone block.

Step 7 Edit

Place a slab on top of the redstone to the right. This will prevent mobs from spawning on it. Finally, put a regular minecart on the activator rail.

Step 8 Edit

If the minecart gets converted into a Spawner Minecart and back, the contraption works and you built it right. Use the lever to turn it on/off.

Images are currently unavailable. Will be hopefully added soon. - Sei <3

Explanation Edit

When a spawner is first generated, it spawns a set of monsters so the player encounters preliminary guardians, when they find it. The Hyper simulates this first-time generation by repeatedly breaking it and creating a new one.

On the redstone side of things, the Hyper Spawner may look complicated, but is actually really simple. The spawner behaves like a normal block and will pass the signal from the redstone dust on the right to the repeater. The signal from the repeater turns off the redstone torch and thus, the sticky piston remains in its retracted state. The redstone block then powers the regular piston and forces the spawner into the minecart.

Once the spawner disappears, the circuit is broken, the repeater doesn't recieve power, meaning the torch turns on, which powers the sticky piston and pushes the redstone block, retracting the regular piston. Because the space above the minecart is now air and the activator rail underneath is powered (conditions for spawner ejection), the spawner is ejected an the situation happens again and again.

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