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Message boards are places in the worlds of the Public Servers, which are flattened out. Maps of these places are hung up in towns.


To use these boards you need a building material in the desired color (eg. colored wool). When you are at a message board you just place the blocks to form letters, seen from south to north.


To create a message board, a map is made from the place where you want to build one. Then all the space in the map (128 blocks by 128 blocks = 16384 blocks) is flattened out and filled with a material of your choice. This is the most time consuming part as it reqiures 256 stacks of blocks!

Existing boardsEdit

First message board

The First BoardEdit

The first ever made board on the server is that one made by Kroppeb.

Co-ordinates -2432 85 -257
By Kroppeb
Completed No

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